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Finding The Right Trainer For You and Your Dog

At Harmony Farm Kennel, located just outside of Kamloops in beautiful Monte Lake, we’ve been passionately dedicated to professional animal care, management and training for over 40 years. We are a dog boarding kennel with A LOT of canine training experience and we know that finding the right trainer for you and your pooch can be difficult and confusing. Firstly, we applaud you for realizing that getting help with your dog's training while they are young, is key to creating a fantastic 10-15 year future with your dog!

There are many different approaches to dog training and they don’t all work as effectively for all dogs or for all owners. Here are a few tips on choosing the trainer that’s the right fit for you – and your dog.

Find The Right Personality For YOU

Take the time it takes and go with your dog for a personal meet and greet with different trainers before you decide. We all have different personalities (as do our dogs) and so it’s only natural that certain dynamics will work better than others. Please note that many trainers have extensive dog experience, however, not all animal trainers make good teachers of people. Find someone that you respect with effective teaching skills, that you can understand and have a good rapport with. Someone you can talk to and feel easy about asking your many questions to is very important. Remember, this is not about the trainer having success with your dog – it's all about YOU creating a wonderful connection that is effective with your dog. Find someone who is a good, experienced teacher and has a patient, calm approach that is willing to take the time (not only working by the clock) to explain or demonstrate techniques and training skills with you. At the end of the day, your positive results are what matter most.

Format – Group or Private Training Classes

Different training methods work better or worse depending on the needs/personalities of each dog and the owner. Positive, humane, effective training methods that make common sense to you, (from a psychological point of view) and that use appropriate motivators (keep in mind that not all dogs are motivated by food) are what you’re looking for when researching methods. If your dog is a very young puppy and has not been off your property much or exposed to other dogs or 'life', perhaps a puppy class is a good start. If your pup has developed socially and now mentally has become a challenge (now in a much stronger body),then you might get more effective guidance with one on one sessions.

Regardless which type of learning format you choose please commit to at least 6 sessions with any particular trainer. Learning takes patience and even though you think you know your dog, new skills and techniques do not always come to you easily! You will likely learn new information that isn't currently your way of thinking nor your body's muscle memory, so give any trainer a healthy chance to work the process to see results.


Just as you should meet any potential trainers prior to choosing, you should also feel welcome to watch one of their sessions before you commit. Look to see that the trainer is respectful and providing encouragement and explanations, as necessary. If classes are offered, are puppies and mature dogs taught in separate classes? Understanding that different breeds have innate dispositions and character tendencies - does the trainer teach all types or specialize only in one type of breed? Does the trainer offer extended training away from their own location? Is homework given? Is support offered in between classes while you are practising at home? Most important of all, does it look like the dogs and owners are having fun, understanding their challenges and finding their way with effective techniques?

Healthy Environment

If you’re considering group classes, make sure dog vaccines are required. During these covid times, also be sure that masks are mandatory and social distancing is arranged. If classes are indoors, be sure that ventilation is part of the environment, for everyone's health safety.


Dog training is an unregulated industry. Find a trainer that is open about the methods they use and education they’ve had. An educated trainer will recognize any behavioural flags that may be related to medical issues and will advise you to contact your veterinarian before addressing a behavioural issue through training.

At Harmony Farm Kennel we meet all kinds of dogs and understand they all have unique needs and temperaments! We totally encourage any owners that are having difficulty enjoying all aspects of owning their dogs to simply seek out help to know how great dogs can be! It's not expensive, it doesn't take forever and it's simpler than you think, to create the dog of your dreams! We offer one on one dog-owner training sessions for all types of doganailties, all breeds and ages (yes older dogs can learn!). For those dogs with more specific or difficult challenges we also offer board and train options to get dogs well on their way to improved behaviour patterns before continuing together with their owners. Check out our Dog-Owner Training page for a brief description of Patricia's approach to creating a wonderful dog/owner relationship.

We often get asked the same questions and hear similar concerns over and over again. We see common challenges that we are happy to help owners with. See Ask the Trainer page to see if any other dog owners are facing similar situations and read tips on how to deal with them effectively.

If you are making travel plans and want to book your dog in for a kennel vacation, visit Rates & Reserves to reserve now. We provide customized care for all types of dogs for positive ‘home away from home’ experiences, including; huge view windows, personal covered play areas (not a dog park style),individual daily excercise, soothing music, nightlights and bedtime treats to make sure they feel right at home. At our peaceful country dog boarding kennel, located just a short drive from Kamloops, you will find peace of mind for both you and your dogs with stress-free seamless transitions between our place and yours!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Service

  • Accommodating every dog with comfortable XL private heated kennels complete with view windows
  • Providing each dog a private covered play yard with wooden lounge decks and solid privacy dividers
  • Feeding your dog's own food, supplement or raw diet and fresh water 24/7
  • Exercising each dog individually 2-3x daily on or off leash with countrified hikes to suite
  • Giving any meds required (tablets, ointments, bandages, vaccinations, protective cone)
  • Using your provided harness, blanket, snood, or 'thunder shirt'
  • Spending extra time throwing a ball, frisbee or your dog's favorite toy!
  • Providing soft music, a night light and a bedtime treat
  • Giving a stimulating brush and lots of extra hugs!
All Dogs Welcome
All Dogs Welcome!

Individual On/Off Leash Exercise Daily

'Custom Care', Low Stress/Low Risk Dog Boarding
XL Private Heated Kennels, Huge View Windows
Safe, Private Play Yards
Raw, Special Diets Or Meds AOK
Peaceful Country Setting With "Good Dog Zen"
Flexible Drop Off & Pick Up Times

  • "Sooooo grateful to Patricia & Gerry for their phenomenal, knowledgeable, dedicated dog care e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. time. Always hard to be separated from Grizz but she returns from each stay happy, light-footed and balanced to the max! ... And Harmony Farm Lamb must be tasted to be believed. These beautiful sheep are raised with attention to detail and care for the individual and the flock, and by hard-working farmers who care from the heart about what they are doing and why and how they are doing it. Huge respect and cheers for Harmony Farm! Pat Curry April 19, 2016
    Pat Curry
    Huge Respect & Cheers!

    ~ Pat Curry

  • Thanks again for all your time and thoughtful kindness towards our dogs, always appreciated. Thank you so much for all the above and beyond - for everything you two do. You are amazing, kind, hard working individuals and our dogs always come home with a smile on their faces! Lovely to never have to worry about anything which is truly such a blessing. Take care of your selves and see you in the future. - Hugs & Cheers Kari,Morgan, Alamo, Zoe
    Kari Kendrick
    Us & Our Dogs Think You're Amazing

    ~ Kari Kendrick

  • Maluk is back home with us and we think that he misses you guys! Happy to be home but kind of sad also:(( We can't thank you enough for the care and love you gave Maluk for the three weeks plus that he spent with with you and his blood sugar level has never been so low than this morning. So worried when we left but so glad to see the pics where he looked so relaxed with Gerry!!! Harmony Farm is now his home away from home. Again thank you and we will stay in touch!!' MJ & JP Chave
    JP & Marie Jo Chave
    Very Thankful & Relieved!

    ~ JP & Marie Jo Chave

  • I wanted to thank Patricia and Gerry for ALL of the times they have looked after my brood, my dogs love it with them and I know they are safe and well cared for. I have recommended this kennel to all of my doggie clients and will continue to do so..the ABSOLUTE best in Kamloops!
    Chris McKay

    ~ Chris McKay

  • Patricia & Gerry do you have any idea how rare a kennel and dog boarding service you are providing? Believe me I have been to them all and there is nothing that compares! My dogs love you guys because from the first moment you met, it was obvious that you really love and care about dogs! The kennel smells great, it's bright and clean and the dogs are all really happy! Wow I've never seen anything like it! Your property really does have peaceful energy about it - gosh I couldn't even hear any barking! Best of all, my dogs are healthy and sane when they settle back home...just can't applaud you enough! Thank You for sharing YOU with my dog family!
    Cici Lowden
    You ARE the BEST Kennel Anywhere!

    ~ Cici Lowden

  • Thank you so much Patricia & Gerry for taking such good care of Duke for so long while I got my life together and moved and got settled... I wanted the very best possible care for my pitty puppy Duke and you have an awesome place but it took a lot longer than I expected and Duke isn't the easiest to handle. Your photos, regular emails and your endless patience and understanding made it all possible. Duke is so happy and healthy and well behaved, I know you did way more than just a great job. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your loving care of our baby. Quotes
    Jessica Lynn Pilon
    No words for appreciation...

    ~ Jessica Lynn Pilon

  • Wow - I can not tell you how impressed I am with your incomparable kennel service! My Rotti Chelsey had become very depressed and destructive in response to much family sadness recently - so much that I was feeling very guilty to have to take her to a kennel. When I picked her up, I couldn't have been more relieved and happy to see her back to her bouncing, tail waggin content and joyful self after only a few days with you at your beautiful, PEACEFUL farm - I am so happy to have found you - we look forward to bringing our Chelsey back soon! Meantime, we shall tell the world and next time, I wonder if I can come too?!
    The Spark Family
    Relieved Harmony Farm Kennel Fan!

    ~ The Spark Family

  • Wow, what a beautiful space and what an amazing service you and Gerry provide. I can see that my dog just loves you guys and why she cried when we left your place (first time ever leaving anywhere fyi) and I understand - she'll be back soon!
    Sharon Midge & Family
    So very happy to know your kennel!

    ~ Sharon Midge & Family

  • Thank you so much for your email...wow, what a treat to read all that goodness. My mind is totally at rest after reading your email, so much I forgot to reply until now! I even read it aloud at our Christmas dinner!!! I can tell that you are giving her a lot of love and our whole family really appreciates that. Our love to all the pooches out there and you both as well! The Petches
    Christa Petch
    So relaxed with your care!

    ~ Christa Petch

  • Thank you so much for taking such good care of Titus ... he's working off his 'all-inclusive holiday' along with Bruce now in the deep snow... Titus will be back! :) It is such a piece of mind to know he is with someone who understands the breed over and above great care. Hugs, Stacey
    Bruce & Stacey Phinnemore
    Very happy 'return' customer

    ~ Bruce & Stacey Phinnemore

  • Harmony farm is an amazing place for every living thing. People, Sheep, Dogs, horses, everybody is enjoying and contributing to a very peaceful and positive atmosphere. By their understanding and sensitivity of others, Gerry and Patricia offer a very nice place to stay to every creature on earth.
    Anne & Mael
    Such a great place to stay!

    ~ Anna & Mael

  • I can barely express our gratitude to have found your custom care kennel service - finally we can leave our 'family' dog Sasha knowing she is well cared for, safe, exercised and always happy! Gosh - we know she has a vacation as well and for the first time ever, we don't even worry! Your communication is always timely and keeps us feeling so very grateful - thank you so much.
    Cindy and Bill Straton
    Very Grateful Clients

    ~ Cindy and Bill Straton

  • It is so refreshing to pick up our dog and he is settled, happy, content, healthy and SANE! We used to bring him home from a kennel and he was a basket case neurotic for a week! Usually he had scratches or diarrhea and it was just nuts around our house until we 'got our dog back'. Your kennel is a breathe of fresh air, for us and our dog, both during his stay and once he returns home. Thank you.
    The Cadre Family
    Delighted Customer

    ~ The Cadre Family

  • Great blog posts. Really thank you! Want more.
    I value the your writing.Thanks Again. Will read on...

    ~ Sookea

  • I thank you both again for taking such excellent care of Alamo and and Zoe while we were away, it is such a relief to know that we have a reliable, safe, and friendly environment to leave our dogs when we go away on holidays. We can not thank you both enough, and Alamo and Zoe say thanks too, they transitioned well when they got home. Also thanks for making room for them one more night on last minute notice, very much appreciated. By all means you may use our comments on your website, you've worked hard for what you two have accomplished and we are comforted to know our dogs can call your place a home away from home when we are on holidays. I cannot thank you enough.
    Kari Kendrick
    Can't Thank You Enough

    ~ Kari Kendrick

  • Patricia and Gerry, I have to admit that I was a bit surpised after Lucy and Tess's stay with you... They were happy to see me but really THEY DIDN'T ACT EXCITED TO COME HOME! Thank you for taking such great care of them. Receiving emails about their stay with you while we were away was so reassuring to know that they were in good hands it helped to make our vacation a stress free one. Charles, Marci, Jacob and Emma
    Charles Hurtubise
    So Happy with our Dog's Holiday

    ~ Charles Hurtubise

  • I just wanted to say Thank-you again for the update email and for the exceptional care and time you gave to our dogs Zoe and Alamo, you were great! Their smiles said it all, I wish you, your husband and your farm all the best of blessings in the year ahead. See you again in August if not sooner . Thanks again, 
    Kari Kendrick
    Happy Dogs!

    ~ Kari Kendrick

  • Harmony Farm Kennel is what I believe all kennels should be! Finally, I have found you! What a breathe of fresh air to be able to entrust my great dogs with someone who is willing to go the extra mile without even hesitating. I appreciate you very much!
    Guy Weatherspoon
    5 Stars For Your Kennel!

    ~ Guy Witherspoon

  • Okay Patricia our mastiff Harley obviously loves you and Gerry and loves his time at Harmony Farm! He wags like crazy on the way there, can't wait to get out of the car, he greets you with a smile, drags us into the kennel, and apparently has a great time while he is there... BUT what do I do about this?...he whines and cries and has this horrible sad forelorn look on his face when he has to leave! He stares at you while we leave and looks out the back window crying all the way home. Knowing Harley I don't think there could be a higher compliment! Thanks for the problem - he'll see you again soon!
    Cam & Ally Lewis
    Love this problem!

    ~ Cam & Ally Louis

  • Thanks for posting those beautiful fotos of my Ben, thanks for taking them, and for taking HIM, in the first place! You are both talented in a rare fashion, that of understanding, and of having compassion for the misunderstood. Such a relief to know you have the patience, knowledge and trust, even for troubled dogs.
    Jan Peter
    Very relieved & thankful customer

    ~ Jan Peter

  • Good to here my old girl Sally is doing so good... I think all the attention at your place is probably helping lift her spirits:) She was so depressed, wasn't eating, she gets so lonely at my farm... Thanks so much for providing such a lovely healthy caring home away from home for my baby...I don't worry for her one minute.
    Trena Porter
    Thanks so much

    ~ Trena Porter

  • Hi Patricia. I just dropped off Yukon at Harmony and as you saw, he was very excited to have another vacation with Harmony. At the turn off he wiggled like crazy and was so alert he couldn't wait to get there! We are so pleased that after his visits he is so very relaxed and content when he returns home - no adjustment period at all - a very good sign that he enjoys his time at Harmony and that makes me feel very good! Thanks so much!!!!
    Kathy Mueller
    Happy that I have a Happy Dog!

    ~ Kathy Mueller

  • Thank you so much Patricia!! Even if we ever move back to town our Luna & Diesel will be coming to stay with you guys! I know they are in good loving hands! Thank you!!!
    Maike Mayden
    Thankful Dog Lover

    ~ Maike Mayden

  • Thanks so much for all you do! We are so grateful we found your farm! We also agree that your lamb is the best we've ever tasted and so appreciate that it is chemical free. Happy holidays!!
    Katarina Vuckovic

    ~ Katarina Vuckovic

  • Thank you so much for the email update, just read it now, but we so much appreciate how well you look after our precious girl Ricki!!! We apologize again for picking her up so late and thank you for accommodating our late and delayed flight and arrival into Kelowna. You have such a winning combination at your beautiful property with the sheep, horses and kennels, we feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful home for her when we go away. Thanks again for looking after her so well and we will see you again to drop her off for a couple of weeks in mid January. Thanks! Janet and Terry
    Janet & Terry Maskell

    ~ Janet & Terry Maskell

  • I am so grateful to have found your kennel. My dogs are happy with you, I don't worry at all (especially with your communications) and they take no time to settle back with us at home, which is the first time ever. Your obvious love for animals (sheep included to my amazement!) is more than impressive. I wish you every success!
    B. Grathmore
    Ever Grateful

    ~ B. Grathmore

  • Thank you so much for caring for Princess. She is not easy and I am so glad it went well. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know!! Thank you, Judy
    Judy Bergman
    Very happy and relieved dog 'Mom'

    ~ Judy Bergman

  • I appreciate so much knowing that my dogs will be safe and happy when I am away on my vacation. I am very impressed with the quality of care and love given the dogs and it is obvious they are very pleased as well. This is an awesome place!
    Genevieve Stroulger

    ~ Genevieve Strougler

  • We spent a lot of time looking for a kennel for our two Thai Ridgebacks, Suki and Loabas. They are wonderful dogs but not easily to get introduced to other packs. Gerry and Particia received them with open arms however. The most important for us is that you both love the dogs in a mature and knowledgeable way and that you have the psychological and medical expertise to care for them. We also appreciated the emails and phone calls to report our dogs well being :) Thank you so much again!
    Peter and Kitaya Termote
    The place we trust

    ~ Peter and Kitaya Termote

  • Thank you for the update, I had a good feeling our little Scrappy was doing well. I was relaxed about his stay knowing he won't get into trouble with other dogs and, after we left the ranch we realized your place is awesome! Thanks again,
    Heather Smith
    Very Satisfied

    ~ Heather Smith

  • Thanks for the photos, Patricia. I know you and Gerry are taking good care of our sweet Katie because she looks very happy. Its been so long and we miss her alot, but never worry because we know she's in good hands. It's such a relief. Thank you! You are the best! Thank you.
    Keith & Laurel Harris, Australia
    Thankful Customers

    ~ Keith & Laurel Harris

  • "I am so glad I found you! When I brought my old lab Zues there he could barely walk and wasn't eating well at all. Your reassuring email to me while in Germany was a great relief. To my delight when I picked Zues up I could see the relaxation in his face, he was eating great and he was managing his hips walking so much better I could hardly believe it. Obvious testimony to the wonderful care and dedication you pour into your work - now I can go away in June and know he is in very capable and loving hands. Thank you so much."
    Sue Gray
    Very satifsfied customer!

    ~ Sue Gray

  • With 2 day's notice I had to go overseas to attend to my ill mother. Fortunately Patricia and Gerry could accommodate the dates. I cautiously left my 15 year old Lab X with poor hind quarters and a support brace to be walked and also being a very picky eater, at their kennel. On picking him up his condition was better than when I had left him there and appetite spot on! Thanks to the wonderful care he received he is rescheduled for another stay this coming summer! What a tremendous relief that I have found Harmony Farm Kennel!!!
    Sue Gray
    Very satisfied client

    ~ Sue Gray

  • We just got back from a spring vacation and we were so happy to see our beautiful boy relaxed and content at your place. To our relief he was clean and happy! When we got home he was totally himself and had lots of energy after having had his own vacation with you guys. He loves all the goings on at your place, especially the hikes and the sheep!
    Makenzie and Amanda
    beach kids

    ~ Makenzie and Amanda

  • "What you guys offer, this beautiful place, the energy here, your communication - wow, nothing even compares. Our dogs can't wait to come back and my wife is so happy, I personally, won't be stressed on our time off! Thank you!"
    David Sardan
    Dedicated Customer

    ~ David Sardan

  • "Thankyou so much for the update, it truly brightened my day! I am so happy that our rotti girl is doing well and in such great hands, it makes it easier to leave her knowing that she has the greatest care :) Thankyou so much for keeping her safe and happy and all of the extra you give, it means a lot!!"
    The Hayes Family

    ~ The Hayes Family

  • "Thank you so much for the updates. It is so nice to know that Tahnee is doing well. We are very lucky to have someone like you looking after her and it makes all the difference to how we enjoy our time away from her without worry."
    Don & Cathy Starr
    Grateful Customer

    ~ Don & Cathy Starr

  • "We want to bring our Cupcake & Candy back - they are always so happy there! They've never been healthy and happy after being in a kennel before - thank you for taking such good care of our girls any time we are away!"
    Kris & Chrissie Benedict
    Happy Customer

    ~ Kris & Chrisse Benedict

  • "Thanks for the updates Patricia, I am so worried about my 'kids' but I felt very comfortable around you and Gerry... so I know they'll be fine. ""Just wanted to thank you again for looking after Kinja and Shakari. They seem their happy selves and just business as usual, no upsets or resentments for being abandoned :) by me".
    Sherre & Mark Lapointe

    ~ Sherre & Mark Lapointe

  • "Thanks again for letting Maggie extend her vacation without being able to give you any notice. It's such a peaceful feeling knowing Maggie is being cared for and loved just like she is at home while we are away."
    Patricia Naggy
    Happy Customer

    ~ Patricia Naggy

  • "Patricia and her husband, Gerry (pronounced with a hard G) have considerable sighthound experience and are wonderful with both sighthounds and the many horses they board and train. I've never been to such a calm kennel and lovely, safe boarding facility!"
    Hellen Vincent

    ~ Hellen Vincent

  • Our Chai loves it there! She starts wagging her tail as soon as we turn up your drive - the only concern I have is that she won't want to come home! Thank You for making it easy to leave her behind!"
    Janice Jacks

    ~ Janice Jacks

  • "I am totally relaxed leaving Monty here - what you offer makes all the difference between worry and actually enjoying our vacation without a worry in the world! Thank You!"
    Michelene Shroeder

    ~ Michelene Shroeder

  • Thanks for your quick reply. Sophie loves your wonderful place and we can go on holidays and not need to worry. Worth every penny and more! 

    Charles Petit

    ~ Charles & Terry Petit

  • "Thank you both so much - our little Elmo just loves coming there. We so appreciate who you are and what all you do. The peace of mind in invaluable"
    Carol Martin

    ~ Carol Martin

  • "This place - you guys, you just have "good dog zen" so glad to have found you!"
    Michelle Luttmerding

    ~ Michelle Luttmerding

  • Thank you for always knowing how to care for Lincoln. He is precious to us and we feel good about leaving him at Harmony Farm- we relax knowing he is safe and happy.

    Colleen & Andrew Baker

    ~ Colleen & Andrew Baker

  • Thanks for the great communication. We love that our pups are comfortable and well taken care of at your place ... kind of like a mini vacation for them . :) They'll be back soon.

    Peter Oyer

    ~ Peter Oyer

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